IWSEC Best Student Paper Award(CSEC研究会)

賞の概要 IWSECの予稿集に掲載された、学生が主体として書かれた優秀な論文に授与する。
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受賞者 タイトル
Weiyao Wang (The University of Tokyo), Yuntao Wang (The University of Tokyo, Kyushu University), Atsushi Takayasu (The University of Tokyo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology) and Tsuyoshi Takagi (The University of Tokyo)  Estimated Cost for Solving Generalized Learning with Errors Problem via Embedding Techniques


受賞者 タイトル
Nasser Mohammed Al-Fannah and Wanpeng Li   Not All Browsers Are Created Equal: Comparing Web Browser Fingerprintability


受賞者 タイトル
François-Xavier Aguessy, Olivier Bettan, Gregory Blanc, Vania Conan, and Hervé Debar  Hybrid Risk Assessment Model based on Bayesian Networks


受賞者 タイトル
Bingke Ma, Bao Li, Ronglin Hao and Xiaoqian Li Improved (Pseudo) Preimage Attacks on Reduced-Round GOST and Groestl-256 and Studies on Several Truncation Patterns for AES-like Compression Functions


受賞者 タイトル
Rui Xu, Kirill Morozov and Tsuyoshi Takagi Cheater Identifiable Secret Sharing Schemes Via Multi-Receiver Authentication


受賞者 タイトル
Yun-Ju Huang, Christophe Petit, Naoyuki Shinohara and Tsuyoshi Takagi Improvement of Faugère et al.'s Method to Solve ECDLP


受賞者 タイトル
Susumu Kiyoshima, Yoshifumi Manabe, and Tatsuaki Okamoto Efficient Concurrent Oblivious Transfer in Super-Polynomial-Simulation Security


受賞者 タイトル
S. Sharmila Deva Selvi, S. Sree Vivek, and C. Pandu Rangan Identity Based Deterministic Signature Scheme Without Forking-Lemma


受賞者 タイトル
Yusuke Sakai, Goichiro Hanaoka, Kaoru Kurosawa, Kazuo Ohta A Generic Method for Reducing Ciphertext Length of Reproducible KEMs in the RO Model


受賞者 タイトル
Minkyu Kim, Atsushi Fujioka, and Berkant Ustaoglu Strongly Secure Authenticated Key Exchange without NAXOS' Approach


受賞者 タイトル
Fuchun Guo Efficient Batch Verification of Short Signatures for a Single-Signer Setting Without Random Oracles
Naoki Ogura Remarks on the Attack of Fougue et al. against the l IC Scheme


受賞者 タイトル
Qiong Huang and Duncan S. Wong Generic Certificateless Encryption in the Standard Model
Bertrand Anckaert, Mariusz Jakubowski, Ramarathnam Venkatesan, and Koen De Bosschere Run-Time Randomization to Mitigate Tampering


受賞者 タイトル
Seung Geol Choi, Kunsoo Park, and Moti Yung Short Traceable Signatures Based on Bilinear Pairings