Preliminary Round


By conducting the preliminary round according to the way described in About the Preliminary Round in below, the following 16 teams have been selected for advancing to the World final. By considering actual regional balance, 14 teams with the highest ratings among all teams and 2 international teams with good results have been selected. The game results are on the online execution server.

Congratulations to all winners! See you in beautiful Kyoto! Other teams that lost are invited to Banquet on the World final round date on a first-come, first-served basis; so come to Kyoto and watch the World final together! Later we will let you know in detail.

Place Team Name
1 Taiyo
2 iwashi31
3 haraduka
4 assy
5 wahu
6 tosaka2
7 宇宙ツイッタラーX
8 siman
9 believeitmyway
10 muupan
11 y_kawano
12 shin1m
13 kazunetakahashi
14 ArcticPanda
39 ksk
48 Megatron

About the Preliminary Round

The preliminary round will be held on the online execution server after the submission deadline. Only an "active" AI will be used for each team. Each team has one active AI, which you can see at the bottom of the "Submit an AI" tab in the online execution server.

Among teams which have made an entry, 16 teams will advance to the final round. 10 teams with the highest ratings (described below) are chosen for the final round. Also 6 teams with a good result are expected to be chosen in consideratin of region balance.

How to Participate

Firstly please make an entry. After that please submit your program to the online execution server.

You can re-submit your program until the Preliminary round submission due specified at the schedule.

Competetion Rules

In the preliminary round, AI programs will be matched one another after reseting the rating. Their ratings are calculated based on the result of each match, and finalists are chosen based on the ratings. The procedure is as follows:

  1. If the number of AI programs is not a multiple of 4, fill it with dummy AI programs.
  2. Set the rating of all AI programs to 0.
  3. Group the AI programs four by four.
  4. Run a match for each group.
  5. Update the rating of each AI program.
  6. Repeat 3 to 5 for 100 times.

This game uses ELO rating. Note that the original ELO rating is for a 2-player game, so we use an extended version for this game.