Call for Papers - Special Issue of "Applications and the Internet in Conjunction with Main Topics of COMPSAC 2014"

Call for papers - Special issue of "Applications and the Internet in Conjunction with Main Topics of COMPSAC 2014"

April 7, 2013
Updated on September 4, 2014
Editorial Committee of the Journal of Information Processing

Journal of Information Processing (JIP) is pleased to announce the call for papers for a special issue of "Applications and the Internet in Conjunction with Main Topics of COMPSAC 2014".
The Annual International Computer Software & Applications Conference (COMPSAC), sponsored by IEEE Computer Society and also technically sponsored by Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ), is one of the major international forums for academia, industry, and government to discuss research results, advancements and future trends in computer and software technologies and applications. Among a wide range of topics covered by COMPSAC, several tracks cover a broad range of networking and computing technologies as well as advanced applications and services. COMPSAC 2014 is held in Västerås, Sweden, on July 21-25, 2014. By taking this opportunity, the Special Issue of Applications and the Internet in Conjunction with Main Topics of COMPSAC 2014 has been planned to publish articles which are based on the papers presented mainly in the COMPSAC 2014. Your contribution to this special issue would be greatly appreciated.

Journal of Information Processing (JIP) is currently encouraging more submissions from outside of Japan.
Any papers electronically submitted to JIP before July 31, 2015 are free of publication charge when accepted.

Submission Guidelines

(1) Scope of this special issue includes but is not limited to the following tracks of the COMPSAC 2014:
Embedded and Cyber-Physical Environments
Web Technologies
Emergent Topics
Security and Privacy
*This special issue encourages submissions of not only the papers based on those presented in the COMPSAC 2014 but other papers related to the above topics.

(2) All papers must be submitted electronically. Please access the following URL and proceed under the submission instructions: (information for authors) (paper submission)
*Note that this URL is for English papers only.
*Please note that the copyrights of the papers presented in the past COMPSAC /SAINT are hold by IEEE.

(3) All papers will be reviewed. The review process will be carried out in the same manner as regular issues. However, you have shorter time than usual (two months) for preparation of your responses to inquiries.

(4) Submission deadline is September 5, 2014 Tuesday, September 16, 2014 11:59 PM JST(+0900). *Deadline extended

(5) The special issue will be published on the J-Stage website in July, 2015. Preprint will be published on the IPSJ Journal in June, 2015.

(6) The Editorial Committee of This Special Issue
Editor in-Chief: Nariyoshi YAMAI (Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Japan)
Editorial Board: Yutaka NAKAMURA (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan)
Editorial Committee: Ying CAI (Iowa State Univ., USA), Jungsuk SONG (Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Korea), Toyokazu AKIYAMA (Kyoto Sangyo Univ.), Katsuyoshi IIDA (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan), Takashi IMAIZUMI (Chiba Univ., Japan), Yasuo OKABE (Kyoto Univ., Japan), Eiji KAWAI (NICT, Japan), Hiroyuki SATO (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan), Masahiro JIBIKI (NICT, Japan), Hiroki TAKAKURA (Nagoya Univ., Japan), Motonori NAKAMURA (National Institute of Informatics, Japan), Kazutoshi FUJIKAWA (NAIST, Japan), Shigeru MIYAKE (Hitachi, Japan), Katsuyuki YAMAZAKI (Nagaoka Univ. of Technology), Kenichi YOSHIDA (Tsukuba Univ., Japan)