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Copyrights of papers and articles published by IPSJ

All copyrights of papers and other articles submitted to IPSJ (including those submitted to Journal of Information Processing, IPSJ Journal and Transactions, IPSJ Magazines, conferences and symposiums organized by IPSJ, and SIG Technical Reports) are to be transferred to IPSJ after their Final Manuscripts are received by IPSJ.
By submitting your manuscript to IPSJ, you agree on IPSJ Copyright Guidelines. Please also send the Copyright Assignment Contract Form when you submit the Final Manuscript to IPSJ.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your manuscript does not cause any copyright infringements, defamation, and other problems.

  • Final Manuscript : For refereed papers, the manuscript received after all the review processes are completed.
  • Final Manuscript : For non-refereed papers, such as SIG Technical Reports and IPSJ National Convention, the manuscript at the initial submission.
  • Final Manuscript : For articles requested by IPSJ, such as articles on IPSJ Magazine, the manuscript received by the IPSJ office.