Copyright Assignment Contract

 To: Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ)
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Copyright Assignment Contract

 In accordance with the "IPSJ Guideline for the Preparation of Manuscripts" and "IPSJ Copyright Guidelines", the copyright for your paper, etc. (including papers, review articles and research reports, as well as draft manuscripts for symposia, national conferences, etc.) will pass to the IPSJ at the time the final manuscript reaches the IPSJ.
Therefore, please complete and sign the following form and return the same to the IPSJ.
If there are more than one authors, one of the authors authorized by all the other authors may sign on behalf of all the authors.
If, for a special reason, you cannot agree to the assignment of the copyright or there is a partial limitation, please so inform in writing.

The assignment of the copyright for the paper, etc. described below to the Information Processing Society of Japan in accordance with the IPSJ Copyright Guidelines is hereby consented to.
Title :
Name(s) of the author(s)(in case of more than one author, list the names of all authors):
Organization(s) to which the author(s) belong:
Name of the publication in which the paper, etc. is to be included:
Signature(s)(in case of more than one authors, all authors or one author authorized by all the other authors should sign)
(Please add columns as necessary)

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