Information and Media Technologies
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The Editorial Board
-   Etsuya Shibayama
The Participating Societies are:
-   The Association for Natural Language Processing
  Editors: Manabu Okumura and Kentaro Inui
-   Human Interface Society
  Editors: Hirotake Ishii and Asako@Kimura
-   The Information Processing Society of Japan
  Etsuya Shibayama and Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
-   The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence
  Editors: Hiroshi Yamakawa and Ryutaro Ichise
-   Japan Society for Software Science and Technology
  Editor: Shigeru Chiba
  -   The Database Society of Japan
  Editor: Yoshiharu Ishikawa and Naoko Kosugi
The Secretariat
The Information Processing Society of Japan
    Contact: Yoshio Iwase