Call for Nomination of IPSJ/ACM Award for Early Career Contribution to Global Research 2019

Call for Nomination of IPSJ/ACM Award for Early Career Contribution to Global Research 2019

 The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) have established a joint award named the IPSJ/ACM Award for Early Career Contribution to Global Research. This award aims to recognize outstanding young researcher who has contributed to the research fields covered by the societies through her/his research activities associated with global collaboration, and to encourage further expansion of the global activities. The awardee will be honored with a certificate and will be invited to the ACM Banquet, where the Turing Award is presented. We call for nominations for the 2019 award as elaborated below.

Nomination of IPSJ/ ACM Award for Early Career Contribution to Global Research 2019

 Eligibility of Nominee

 Any researcher who has achieved outstanding results (e.g., novel knowledge, theory, research areas or significant advancements in information science) through global research (e.g., international research project, multinational research team with co-authored publications), who has a position at university/public research organization/company and has received her/his Ph.D. on the 1st of April in 2009 or later, who is a member of IPSJ, is eligible. Members of the committee for this award are not eligible.
 Nominees should have publications in journals or conferences organized by the IPSJ, and preferably also have those in journals or conferences organized by ACM. In addition, nominees should not have been awarded any of the followings; this award, Microsoft Award, Information Processing Research and Development Award, IPSJ/IEEE Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award, and IPSJ Nagao Special Researcher Award from the IPSJ. Nominees cannot apply for any of these awards in the same calendar year.
* The contributions for nominations are not limited to contributions for IPSJ and ACM.
Eligibility of Nominator

 Any regular/honorary member of IPSJ can be a nominator. Self-nomination is not accepted.


Submission Materials

 Materials submitted for evaluation shall be written in English, using 10-point (or larger) font with the proper form provided by the IPSJ website. Each nomination package will be submitted both by postal mail and electronically and include:

  • a summary statement of achievements of the basis for the nomination (up to 200 words),
  • a detailed statement of the achievements (up to 2 pages),
  • a list of awards given to the nominee (up to 0.5 page),
  • representative activities or services to the IPSJ and/or the ACM, as well as others (up to 1 page),
  • a list of representative publications and patents (up to 2 pages),
  • three research articles which were authored or co-authored by the nominee within IPSJ and international academic society (preferably ACM) journals and conference proceedings.
 Provision of active web links for those materials which remain accessible from the time of the nomination to the presentation of the award are strongly encouraged.

Nomination form (word):Download (Size: A4)

Nomination Deadline

December 7, 2018

 The submission materials (signed nomination form and 3 representative articles) must arrive by postal mail to the address below by Friday, December 7, 2018. The electronic files of these materials must also be sent to by e-mail prior to this deadline.

Selection Process

 The nominee’s achievements will be evaluated by the joint award committee, which consists of members selected from the IPSJ and the ACM. One awardee will be selected by the evaluation.
* The committee may contact the nominator during the evaluation process.
* The personal information of the nominee (e.g. name, affiliation, age, postal/e-mail address, and telephone number) will be shared among the committee members (IPSJ and ACM).


Award Publication, Ceremony and Award Banquet 

 The awardee will be announced at the IPSJ Annual Conference that is planned in March 2019. The Award Ceremony will be held as a part of the annual conference, where the certificate is presented. Nominees should agree that, if she/he is selected for the award, then she/he will provide information about her/himself both in English and Japanese, and recent professional photograph, which will be posted on websites. The awardee will be invited to the Award Banquet of the ACM, planned in June 2019.


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