Call for IPSJ/ IEEE Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award 2023

Call for IPSJ/ IEEE Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award 2023

The IPSJ and IEEE Computer Society (IEEE-CS) established a joint award in 2018 named the IPSJ/IEEE-CS Young Computer Researcher Award. This award aims to recognize outstanding young scientist(s) and/or engineer(s) who have contributed to theory, technologies, and/or applications advancing a new research field and/or novel transformative computing service or system. We call for nominations for the 2023 award as elaborated below.

Nomination Instructions for IPSJ/IEEE-CS Young Computer Researcher Award

●Eligibility of Nominee

Any scientist or engineer who has a position at university/public research organization/company and was born on April 1st, 1982 or later, who is a member of IPSJ and a member of IEEE-CS at the time of nomination deadline, is eligible. Members serving on the IPSJ/IEEE Computer Society Young Computer Researcher Award Committee are not eligible. It is desirable that nominees have attained the rank of Senior Member of IEEE.
Nominees should have publications in journals or conferences organized by the IPSJ, and also have ones in journals or conferences organized by IEEE-CS. In addition, nominees should not have been awarded any of Microsoft Award, Information Processing Research and Development Award, IPSJ/ACM Award for Early Career Contributions to Global Research, and IPSJ Nagao Special Researcher Award from the IPSJ. Nominees cannot apply for any of these awards in the same calendar year.

* The contributions for nominations are not limited to contributions for IPSJ and IEEE-CS.

●Eligibility of Nominator

Any regular/honorary member of IPSJ and/or IEEE-CS. Self-nominations are not permitted.

●Submission Materials

Materials submitted for evaluation shall be written in English, using 10-point (or larger) font with the proper form provided by the IPSJ website. Each nomination package will be submitted electronically and include:

  • a summary statement of achievements of the basis for the nomination (up to 200 words),
  • a detailed statement of the achievements (up to 2 pages),
  • a list of awards given to the nominee (up to 0.5 page),
  • representative activities or services to the IPSJ and/or IEEE-CS, as well as others (up to 1 page),
  • a list of representative publications and patents (up to 2 pages),
  • three research articles which were authored or co-authored by the nominee within IPSJ and IEEE-CS journals and conference proceedings.

Provision of active web links for those materials which remain accessible from the time of the nomination to the presentation of the award are strongly encouraged.

Nomination form (word):Download (Size: A4)

●Nomination Deadline

November 18, 2022

The electronics files (nomination form and 3 representative articles) must be sent to by e-mail prior to this deadline.

●Selection Process

The nominee’s achievements will be evaluated by the award committee consisting of members selected from the IPSJ and IEEE-CS, and at-most three awardees will be selected.
* The committee may contact the nominator during the screening process.
* The personal information of the nominee (e.g. name, affiliation, age, postal/e-mail address, and telephone number) will be shared among committee members (IPSJ and IEEE-CS).

●Award Ceremony and Publication

The Award Ceremony is TENTATIVELY (to be approved) planned for the IEEE-CS COMPSAC 2023 conference (presenting the certificate of merit) . The awardees will be also announced at the National Convention of IPSJ in March, 2023. Nominees agree that, if they are selected for the award, then they will:
a) provide information about themselves both in English and Japanese, and recent professional photograph, which will be posted on websites, and
b) attend the IEEE-CS COMPSAC 2023 conference ceremonies in-person to receive the certificate of merit.

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