Online credit card payment system

The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) introduced a credit card online payment system in April 2012.
The following payments can now be made online:

- membership fee
- registration fee for the IPSJ-SIGs
- participation fee for events hosted by IPSJ
- charges for paper publication.
To access the online payment system, click the banner below.

IPSJ Credit Card Payment

1. How to pay by online payment system

① You will receive an invoice from IPSJ.
② If you choose to pay by credit card, please access the banner above payment system form.
③ The user information form will appear on the screen. Fill out the form with reference to bill and make sure required fields invoice number, amount, etc. are completed.
④ After filling out the form, a settlement form will appear on the screen. Please fill out your credit card information there.
    The result (approve or failure) will appear on the screen.
⑤ After that you will receive a settlement completion email when approved.

2. Notes for use

- The online payment system can be used if you have received an invoice issued by only IPSJ.
(Billing for international conferences and branch-sponsored events is not available.)
- Please enter amount written on invoice by yourself.
- IPSJ Credit Card Payment cannot handle more than one invoice at a time.

3. Screen transition

(1) User information input ->
(2) User information confirm ->
(3) Proceed to payment ->
(4) Settlement Information Input Page ->
(5) Completion screen for settlements

4. How to cancel a credit card payment

If you wish to cancel any credit card payment made by mistake or which you have changed your mind about, please notify us at the e-mail address given in the confirmation email. We will cancel the payement.

5. Contact

For inquiries about online credit card payment system, please contact us