IPSJ Organizations

IPSJ Organizations

Founded in April 1960, the IPSJ, Information Processing Society of Japan, has been a leading authority in technical areas of information processing and computer science for professionals and students. IPSJ will provide a leadership for sound evolution of the computer science and technology in an increasingly computerized society and will contribute to creation of new ideas to cope with the accountability for evolving information technology. Through its authoritative publications, conferences, and other activities, the IPSJ will play a critical role in the world for the global prosperity.

  • Foundation

    April 1960 A corporate juridical association registered subject to the Japanese civil law.
  • Mission

    The mission of IPSJ shall be to contribute to the development of science, culture and industry through the promotion of academic and technical activities in information processing with a focus on computers and communication.
  • Activities and Services

     See below.
  • Membership and Qualifications

     IPSJ Grades of Membership

    • Honorary Member : Honorary Members are recommended by the Board of Directors from among members of IPSJ who have rendered meritorious activities in IPSJ's designated fields of interest.
    • Member : The grade of Member is limited to those who have satisfied professional education requirements or the equivalent competence in IPSJ's designated fields of interest.
    • Student Member : Student Members are registered students in a regular course of study of junior colleges, national colleges of technology, and undergraduate or graduate schools.
    • Junior Member : Junior Members are registered students in a elementary school, Junior high school, high school,  junior colleges, and colleges of undergraduate schools(under 3rd grade).
    • Supporting Member : Supporting Members are individuals or organizations that support IPSJ activities.
  • Membership Statistics

     (as of March 2024)
      Honorary Member  44
      Student Member
      Junior Member
      Supporting Member   252
  • Governance

    The directors and representatives( about 150) are the highest governing authority in the IPSJ. The Annual Meeting of Representatives and the Board of Directors governs IPSJ activities.
    Activities and services are performed by dedicated committees. 
    As of April 2011, there are eight Regional Sections over Japan. Local members contribute their regions.
  • Finance

    IPSJ principal finance is operated with members' dues.