Call for Papers - Special Issue of "Ubiquitous Computing Systems (V)"

Call for papers - Special issue of "Ubiquitous Computing Systems (V)"

April 16, 2015
Updated on December 8, 2015
Editorial Committee of the Journal of Information Processing

Journal of Information Processing (JIP) is pleased to announce the call for papers for a special issue of Ubiquitous Computing Systems (V). Ubiquitous computing is a novel paradigm merging various lines of scientific and engineering research area together. We welcome high quality papers that describe original research advancing the state of the art in ubiquitous computing, including but not limited to the following topics: Sensing Technologies, Theories and Models for Ubiquitous Computing, Ubiquitous Networking Technologies, Mobile Computing, Middleware Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, and Applications. We anticipate that contributions should be relevant and grounded within Ubiquitous Computing System and authors should write for the broad interdisciplinary readers. Prof. Yasuyuki Sumi of Future University Hakodate has been invited to act as a guest editor for this special issue.

Submission Guidelines

(1) All papers must be submitted electronically. Please access the following URL and proceed under the submission instructions:

In the event you would like to make a submission, you must first create an account on the paper submission Web page. For detailed information, please refer to the manual available from the link “Submission Rules and Document Types” at the top of the submission page.

(2) All papers will be reviewed. The review process will be carried out in the same manner as regular issues. However, you have shorter time than usual (two months) for preparation of your responses to inquiries.

(3) Submission deadline is December 11, 2015 December 20, 2015.*Deadline extended

(4) The special issue will be published on the J-Stage website in November, 2016. Preprint will be published on the IPSJ Journal in October, 2016.

(5) The Editorial Committee of This Special Issue
Editor in-Chief: Yasuyuki SUMI (Future Univ. Hakodate)
Editorial Board: Sozo INOUE (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Jin NAKAZAWA (Keio Univ.)
Editorial Committee: Kazushige OUCHI (TOSHIBA Corp.), Ren OHMURA (Toyohashi Univ. of Technology), Kaori FUJINAMI (Tokyo Univ. Agriculture and Technology), Takeshi IWAMOTO (Toyama Prefectural Univ.), Keisuke UEHARA (Keio Univ.), Yu ENOKIBORI (Nagoya Univ.), Yoshihiro KAWAHARA (The Univ. of Tokyo), Yasue KISHINO (NTT), Arei KOBAYASHI (KDDI), Ichiro SIIO (Ochanomizu Univ.), Midori SUGAYA (Shibaura Institute of Technology), Masatoshi SEKINE (Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.), Hideyuki TAKAHASHI (Tohoku Univ.), Emi TAMAKI (Waseda Univ.) Koji TSUKADA (Future Univ. Hakodate), Hitomi TSUJITA (The Univ. of Tokyo), Takayuki NAKAMURA (NTT), Nobuhiko NISHIO (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Yasutaka NISHIMURA (KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc.) , Takuya MAEKAWA (Osaka Univ.), Keiichi YASUMOTO (Nara Institute of Science and Technology), Kohei MATSUMURA (Ritsumeikan Univ.), Koji YATANI (The Univ. of Tokyo), Kazunori YAMADA (Panasonic), Takuro YONEZAWA (Keio Univ.), Masahiro TOYOURA (Yamanashi Univ.)