FAQ on Membership Services

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    Do I have to pay the annual dues even if I join IPSJ in the middle of a year?
    The followings are applied to individual members.
    Please pay the annual dues upon joining. The amount for the year will be determined depending on the month of your admission approval. The surplus will be carried over to the next year. 
    The surplus will be appeared as a deposit on the next year's bill.
    I have submitted my application for admission yet the application has not been approved. Can I participate an event with a discounted fee for a member?
    Yes you can, provided that you send the enrollment fee and the annual dues to IPSJ prior to the event.
    Please specify that your application is in process on the entry form of the event.
    Can I subscribe to IPSJ Magazine or IPSJ Journal as a non-member?
    Please refer "Book Store (in Japanese) " page to purchase a copy of IPSJ magazine. However, it would be economical for an individual to join IPSJ, rather than buying at the "Book Store". 
    IPSJ Journal is published online. A non-member may purchase each paper.
    Can I receive my membership number immediately if I submit an application for admission to the IPSJ office in person?
    No. The entry application must be approved by IPSJ Board of Directors. 
    Please allow 15 to 45 days to get approved after you send the application form, the enrollment fee and the annual dues. 
    "Membership approval notification"  and your membership card will be sent by post after the approval.
    Please note your membership number displayed in the certificate since you will need it to join an event, submit a paper or make an inquiry.
    Do I need an introducer to join IPSJ? / Do I have to know the membership number of my introducer to join IPSJ?
    You do not need an introducer to join IPSJ. Leave the field blank. If your introducer's membership number is unknown, give us her/his name only.
    I used to be a member. How can I re-join IPSJ?
    You can re-join IPSJ as either "Membership Resuming" or "Re-enrollment".
    • -Membership Resuming: You are required to pay all annual dues corresponding to the period from the year you lost the membership to now. Please specify that you are re-joining IPSJ as Membership Resuming in the communication field of the application form. You will be treated to have continued your membership without interruption.
    • -Re-enrollment: Like a new application, you are required to pay the enrollment fee and the annual dues. Please specify that you are re-joining IPSJ as Re-enrollment in the communication field of the application form. Your entry date will be renewed.


    I plan to move. What should I do with IPSJ?

    Please send an email describing the change to our member service section, using https://www.ipsj.or.jp/contact/kaiin_e.html. Please fill all the mandatory fields. If you are moving, you must notify IPSJ as unknown address could lead loss of the membership.

    I notified IPSJ about my moving on the 10th of October. The November issue still arrived to the old address. Haven't you processed the change yet?
    Please allow up to 70 days to process the change. The December issue will be sent to the new address.
    Although I am still a student, I have received a bill for an individual member. What should I do?
    We sent the bill because we have your expected graduation date to be this March on our file. If you wish to renew as a student member, please notify our member service section with the name of the school, department, course description (master's or doctoral) and the new expected graduation date of your new stage of education.


    I plan to withdraw from IPSJ. What should I do?
    Please send an email with a subject "Withdrawal Notice" to our member service section. The email's body should contain the following information.
    • -your membership number
    • -your name
    • -date of the withdrawal
    • -the reason of the withdrawal
    Does a failure to pay the annual dues automatically lead to a withdrawal?
    No. If you still fail to pay the annual dues after a demand letter, you will be expelled from IPSJ. If you wish to withdraw from IPSJ please submit a Withdrawal Notice.
    When I withdraw from IPSJ do I get refunded the unused portion of the annual dues I have paid?
    No. Please submit a Withdrawal Notice before you pay the annual dues.


    Can I suspend my membership?
    Since we have no way to temporarily suspend a membership, you have to withdraw from IPSJ to do that. If you wish to re-join IPSJ after the withdrawal, you can do so as either "Membership Resuming" or "Re-enrollment".