Information on Preliminary Tournamens

Results of the preliminary tournaments have been announced.

Number of Participating Teams

There have been 29 teams registered in the tournament, among which 25 teams submitted their program scripts before the deadline.

Organization of the Preliminary Tournaments

There will be two preliminary tournaments.

  • Domestic: For those teams with their main activities in Japan. 22 teams will participate in this tournament.
  • International: For all other teams. Three teams will participate in this.

Numbers of Teams to be Qualified to the Final

Taking regional balance into account, 10 out of 22 teams in the domestic preliminary tournament, and 2 out of 3 teams in the international preliminary tournament will be qualified.

Game Parameters for the Preliminary Tournaments

The parameters of the games in the tournament will be as follows.

  • Sizes of fields are randomly chosen in the range between 25 to 35, inclusive, for both widths and heights. It may change from one round to another, but the field sizes will be the same for all the games in a single tournament round.
  • The resource limit per call of play scripts will be 1,000,000 (one million).
  • Maximum number of turns in one game will be 300.
  • The number of rounds in a tournament will be decided depending on the number of participating teams. It will be no less than 8 and no more than 30.

Announcements of the Results

The results of the preliminary tournaments will be announced by October 21st, 2013. The results will be emailed individually to the contact addresses of the participant teams and a summary will also appear in the Contest Web page.

For the preliminary tournaments, detailed records of the games will not be made open. Only team names and their rankings along with the points obtained will be reported.