Frequently Asked Questions

On the Gunbai Script Language

Scripts won't compile when comment/blank lines precedes function definitions.
This is a known bug of the translator. Please avoid this problem for the present by not inserting comment/blank lines before function definitions.
What is elif appearing in the sample play script?
Although the language specification fails to describe it, conditional statements of Gunbai Script may have elif directives. When the else part of a conditional statement consists of a single conditional statement, as in if A, then, ..., else, if B, then, ..., else, ..., endif, endif, you can express the same meaning by if A, then ..., elif B, ..., then, ..., else, ... endif, that is, the two lines of else and if can be combined into one elif line and only one endif lines is needed instead of two.
How can I declare an array?
There's no need to declare a variable to be an array. For example, you can use a variable x as an array without any declarations, as "x[3] = 5". After that, "x[3]" should yield the value of 5.

On the Game Rules

How many gates are there on edges?
In the system for the qualification rounds, there exist two gates on each of the edges. This might be changed for the final.
Can agents warp with move 1 or 3 from east edge gates, or with move 0 or 4 from west edge gates? What if they are on a gate at a corner?
You have to choose the move 2 to warp from gates on the east edge, and the move 5 from ones on the west edge. There will be no gates on the corners.
Does the game always terminate when a team made a transcontinental territory?
The game terminates when, after all the moves of a turn are made,
  • Some team has a transcontinental territory, and
  • That team is one of the teams with the largest number of hexels in their territories.
Thus the game terminates immediately if the team that has made a transcondinental territory has the largest total territory size at that time, but the game will continue otherwise.
What happens when a team with a transcontinental territory has become one of the top teams?
When a team keeping a transcontinental territory has expanded its territory (or rivaling teams have shrinked their territories), making the team top in its territory size, the game terminates at that point. In other words, the notion of transcontinental territories is a notion on game states, rather than a notion on game state changes.

On the Contest Rules

How much is the resource limit in the contests?
For the qualification rounds, the limit is 1,000,000 (one million). This may be changed for the final.
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