[Release] 1st IPSJ International AI Programming Contest “SamurAI Coding”

IPSJ and GREE to Support Young Engineers
Holding Programming Contest
1st IPSJ International AI Programming Contest “SamurAI Coding”

TOKYO, Japan – April 27, 2012 – Information Processing Society of Japan and GREE announced today that they will hold a programming contest IPSJ* International AI Programming contest “SamurAI coding” for young engineers.
 *IPSJ: Information Processing Society of Japan

Left: Kazuo Furukawa, President, Information Processing Society of Japan
Right: Yoshikazu Tanaka, GREE, Inc. CEO

   As the Internet industry rapidly grows, there is an intensifying need for high quality engineers. Our aim is to cultivate the younger generation so they can become leading researchers, developers and successful on global level. Engineers from around the globe who are the age of 25 and below are eligible to apply for this contest and the qualifying rounds will commence from July 2012 in 4 regions throughout the world.  Contestants will be competing their engineering skills for games and the remaining teams will move on to the finals. Participating engineers will be able to measure their skills on a global level through this contest.

   Founded in 1960, the IPSJ has been a leading authority in information processing, focusing on computer sciences and communications, contributing to academic, cultural, and industrial development. The decision to host this contest was based on strong need to cultivate students and young engineers who can navigate through today’s dramatic evolution of Internet technology and business. The contest will provide the contestants with an opportunity to refine their skills, network with other contestants, as well as a chance to challenge themselves on a global level.

   In addition to opening offices in 9 countries, GREE is accelerating its global expansion by developing the "GREE Platform", which will enable seamless global application service from April-June, 2012. GREE is also focused on the search for engineers capable of responding to the users’ needs in order to strengthen Internet related development skills globally such as social gaming and platforms.  GREE will further contribute to foster engineers with “SamurAI coding.”  GREE will hold programming contests for college students to cultivate promising engineers.

   The IPSJ and GREE will continue to cultivate and nurture people who can contribute to the Internet industry beginning with this programming contest, and will further contribute to all industries.

1st IPSJ International AI Programming Contest "SamurAI Coding 2012" Overview

- The qualifying round will be held in four regions around the world starting from July 2012
- The final round will be held on Dec. 9th, 2012
*The contest is expected to be held after 2012

- Compete game programming versus others
- The official language will be English (partially Japanese)
*Details will be announced on the official homepage (http://samuraicoding.org)

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