Activities and Services

Activities and Services


  • Magazine "Information Processing"
  • Journal, Transaction 

 Special Interest Groups

  • The Special Interest Groups issue technical reports, hold conferences and edit transactions.

 Education Activities

IPSJ Education Committees study principles, curricula, methods, and estimation for improving education quality of information processing.

 National Convention and Forum on Information Technology

IPSJ helds the annual National Convention and also helds Forum on Information Technology (FIT) co-sponsored by the Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers(IEICE) for discussions of state of the arts, cutting-edge ideas, and research products.

 Other Technical Activities

  • Symposiums
  • Topical Seminars

 Partnership with Overseas affiliated Organizations

IPSJ is the Japan representative member of IFIP since IFIP was founded. In addition, IPSJ co-sponsors with IEEE, IEEE-CS, ACM, KIISE and other organizations for computer science and technology to provide its members with chances of overseas cooperation.

 Standards Development

IPSJ develops drafts of international standards, drafts of Japanese Industrial Standards and so on subject to contract for international standardization of information technology with Japanese Industrial Standards Committee.

 Cooperation with Affiliated Organizations

IPSJ cosponsors various symposiums and tutorials with organizations under Science Council of Japan and Japan Federation of Engineering Societies to provide members with state of the arts of different fields.

 IPSJ Awards

IPSJ donates prizes to members for their outstanding papers, presentation, and contribution in information processing fields.

 Local Activities

There are eight regional sections, Hokkaido, Tohoku, Tokai, Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, and Kyushu district, all over Japan. Each regional section does its own research activities and services depending on its regional features.