JIP Will Be Published Bimonthly and Collaborate with IPSJ Transactions

JIP Will Be Published Bimonthly and Collaborate with IPSJ Transactions

Chair of the IPSJ Transactions Editorial Committee Kentaro Inui
JIP Editor in Chief Yasuo Okabe

The Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ) has published English academic papers in the Journal of Information Processing (JIP) independently from the IPSJ Journal since 2008. Both the IPSJ Journal and JIP editorial committees currently collaborate with each other, and papers accepted by JIP are published as preprints in the IPSJ Journal.

One important challenge for JIP is to acquire an impact factor (IF). In order to acquire an impact factor, it is important to expand the number of high quality papers we publish. Therefore, we have granted open access, temporarily waived publication fees, and allowed submissions to both members and non-members. In addition, beginning in 2015, JIP will be published bimonthly, every odd month, and expand the previous collaborations with the IPSJ Journal to the IPSJ Transactions.

Specifically, for mixed Japanese-English Journal Transactions, original English journal papers will be published in JIP. As was previously done, the same paper will be published in an ISPJ Transaction, but as a preprint. This collaboration will annually be decided by each transaction, according to the JIP volume. As of now, the preparation for several transactions for 2015 has already been initiated. The editorial board of the transactions will keep the responsibility of the editing transactions, including acceptance decisions. Authors submitting an English paper to a transaction are not required to carry out any special submission procedures. In addition, if a paper is published in JIP, then the publishing fees will be waived. This waived publishing fee is applicable to publications submitted prior to July 2015. Finally, English-only transactions (TBIO, TSLDM, CVA) will not participate in the aforementioned collaboration with JIP and will discover its own way to acquire an impact factor.

We look forward to everyone's submissions.