Call for Papers Journal of Information Processing Special issue of “Computer Security technologies for Quantum-Safe World”

Call for Papers Journal of Information Processing Special issue of “Computer Security technologies for Quantum-Safe World”

July 6, 2021
Updated on November 26, 2021
The Editorial Committee of the Journal of Information Processing

 Journal of Information Processing (JIP) is pleased to announce the call for papers for a special issue of “Computer Security technologies for Quantum-Safe World.” This special issue will focus on papers that describe such security and privacy challenges in terms of fundamental theories and techniques, protocols, architectures, software systems, applications and implementations, operation and management, social-scientific analyses, and surveys, including a discussion of future research directions. Original papers, as well as papers that have been presented at domestic and international workshops, symposiums, and conferences, will be welcomed.

Journal of Information Processing (JIP) is currently encouraging more submissions from outside of Japan.
The publication fee of any accepted papers will not be charged if all the authors of the paper belong to institutes outside Japan.

Submission Guidelines

(1) All papers must be submitted electronically. Please access the following URL and proceed under the submission instructions:

Once you have submitted your manuscript, you cannot change it.
So, you must submit the final version of your manuscript.
If, by mistake, you submitted a wrong version, please contact the IPSJ secretariat <>(Replace -at- with @).

In the event you would like to make a submission, you must first create an account on the paper submission Web page. For detailed information, please refer to the manual available from the link “Instructions & Forms” at the top of the submission page.

(2)All papers will be reviewed. The review process will be carried out in the same manner as regular issues. However, you have shorter time than usual (eight weeks) for preparation of your responses to inquiries.

(3) Submission deadline is November 29, 2021 December 8, 2021. *Deadline extended

(4) The special issue will be published on the J-Stage website in September, 2022. Preprint will be published on the IPSJ Journal in September, 2022.

(5) The editorial committee of this special issue
Editor in-Chief: Noboru KUNIHIRO (Univ. of Tsukuba)
Editorial Board Member: Akira YAMADA (KDDI Research), Hiroki KUZUNO (Kobe Univ.)
Editorial Committee Members:Mitsuaki AKIYAMA (NTT), Makoto IGUCHI (Kii), Masatsugu ICHINO (Univ. of Electro-Communications), Koji OKINO (Univ. of Toyama), Takanori OIKAWA (Fujitsu), Tetsushi OHKI (Shizuoka Univ.), Toshihiro OHIGASHI (Tokai Univ.), Nobutaka KAWAGUCHI (Hitachi), Hiroki KASHIWAZAKI (Kindai Univ.), Xuping HUANG (Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology), Yuji SUGA (Internet Initiative Japan), Kenichi TAKAHASHI (Tottori Univ.), Rui TANABE (Yokohama National Univ.), Koji CHIDA (Gunma Univ.), Masayuki TERADA (NTT DOCOMO), Ryo NOJIMA (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology), Goichiro HANAOKA (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), Takuya HAYASHI (Digital Garage), Masahiro FUJITA (Mitsubishi Electric Corp.), Mamoru MIMURA (National Defense Academy of Japan), Tatsuya MORI (Waseda Univ.), Toshihiro YAMAUCHI (Okayama Univ.), Katsunari YOSHIOKA (Yokohama National Univ.), Chiemi WATANABE (Tsukuba Univ. of Technology), Yuntao WANG (Osaka Univ.)