Automatic Generation E-Learning contents Based on IoT Security Ontology
○王 依依,Allakany Alaa M(九大),Kulshrestha Srishti,Bose Ranjan(IIT Delhi),岡村耕二(九大)
Recent years the Internet-of-Things has been seen a rapid development, and the IoT applications have been ubiquitous more and more. However, at the same time the IoT security issue which causes the risk of security and privacy is the main upshot in IoT domain. In this research, we aim to improve users’ security awareness education through a systematic E-learning system which is based on an ontology method. Firstly, we classify, analyze and characterize the concepts of both cybersecurity and IoT domain, and extract the useful information and vocabularies and also provide it as learning materials for users. Secondly building an IoT security ontology based on our classification and analysis during the first step. Then, we develop a software based on the ontology to automatically generate questions and answers. Finally, using Moodle to create a quiz for measuring users’ level of awareness after studying through our E-learning system.

Keywords: Internet-of-Thing(IoT), E-learning, Ontology, IoT security

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