Understanding of Clinical Growth Characteristics of Males and Females from Remote Healthcare Data
○メディ ハサン,アシル アハメッド,横田文彦,福田 晃(九大)
CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) reports a clinical growth chart for boys and girls. However, it limits until the age of 2-20. The chart shows a clear uptrend of three anthropometric data (height, weight and BMI). How about people with >20 years of age? In this paper, we investigate from our portable health clinic data to observe the other anthropometric data (height, weight, BMI, waist, hip) for the age >20 years. Our chart shows the clinical growth characteristics depending on the age and gender. This paper reports the findings analyzed from 40,391 checkup data collected by a remote healthcare system (we call it portable health clinic) from more than 54 locations for more than 8 years of observations in both rural and urban areas in Bangladesh.

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