A Basic Design of AR-supported System for Musical Instrument Learning
○蔡 敏雅,古川詩帆,ムハマドアルフィアン アムリザル,阿部 亨,菅沼拓夫(東北大)
Although numerous instrument learning systems have been developed to support self-learning, only few of them consider real-time learning. In real-time learning, a student needs to observe many resources, which may distract the student’s attention, thus decreasing the learning effect. In this work, we aim to create a system that supports real-time piano learning with AR technology. Using this technology, detailed information such as fingering and key pressing are captured from the teacher-side and directly transferred to the student’s HMD. These information, as well as other learning materials, are displayed in front of the student in real-time. We discuss methods to improve the effectiveness of the learning process.

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