Quantitative Content Analysis of Japan's Cybersecurity Strategies Since 2013
○Piyush Ghasiya,Sachio Hirokawa,Koji Okamura(Kyushu University)
Japan has published three “Cybersecurity Strategy” since 2013. The first part of this research would include Quantitative Content Analysis (QCA) of these cybersecurity strategies, and the next part would talk about the changes in Japan’s cybersecurity landscape during the period from 2013 to 2018. “Lexicometrics” approach of Text Mining will be used in QCA and for that KH Coder will be used. QCA will help in locating the similarity and differences in the Cybersecurity Strategies over the years. Further, by analyzing the changes in the ground realities in the field of cybersecurity in Japan, this research would increase the understanding of the effectiveness of these cybersecurity strategies.

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