IPSJ Yamashita SIG Research Award



AU YEUNG Ching-man, Albert Trust Relations and Product Ratings on the Web (WebDB )
Kotaro Nakayama MIGSOM: Yet Another SOM inspired by Neuronal Migration - Towards Huge Sparse Matrix - (WebDB)
Shinpei Hayashi An Interactive Support for Code Comprehension with Feature Location (SES)
Takashi Kitamura A Formal Approach to Requirements Traceability based on Jackson's Reference Model for Requirements and Specifications (SES)
Yohei Nakata An Investigation of Variation-Aware NoC Architecture (2010-ARC-191)
Shohei Nomoto Study of the multi-threading implementation for the SIMD array processor (2010-ARC-191)
Hiroya Nagao Methods of Suppression Hops between Groups in Overlay Networks (2010-OS-115)
Hiroaki Yoshida Rapid SoC Prototyping Based on Virtual Multi-Processor Model (2010-SLDM-147)
Yuko Hara-Azumi Simultaneous Allocation and Binding Considering Multiplexers in High-Level Synthesis (2011-SLDM-148)
Hidetomo Shibamura Simulation Evaluation of an Optimal All-to-all Communication Algorithm using Packet Pacing (2010-HPC-126)
Toshio Endo Performance Evaluation of TSUBAME 2.0 Heterogeneous Supercomputer with Linpack Benchmark (2010-HPC-128)
Akimasa Morihata Optimal Path Querying Based on a Domain-specific Language (PRO-2010-10)
Ryuhei Uehara Undecidability of a Simple Origami Problem (2010-AL-131)
Kiyoshi Yoshizawa A Crosstalk Model and an Estimation Method to Find Crosstalk Genes on Cell Differentiation (2011-MPS-82)
Yutaka Inamori False-Negative-Free Interrupt Race Condition Detection using Multiple Static Code Analyasis Methods (ESS)
Yoshimasa Ishi An Implementation of Large Scale Distributed Key-Value Store with Range Search Support based on Range-key Skip Graph (2010-DPS-144)
Tetsuya Arita An Implementation and evaluation of Network Mobility Protocol based on Network-based Mobility Management (2011-DPS-146)
Satoshi Nakamura AntiSpoiler: An Web Browser to Filter Spoiler (2010-HCI-139)
Masato Ogata A Development of Surgical Simulator for Training of Operative Skill using Patient-Specific Data (VC2010)
Yonghao Yue On Optimal Space Partitioning for Unbiased, Adaptive Free Path Sampling (2010-CG-141)
Noboru Kanedera Encouragement to ECE Students Through Project-Based Learning and A New Self-Learning System for Achievement Test (2010-IS-114 )
Yoshikiyo Kato Expertise Analysis of Information Senders of Web Pages Based on Attribution Count (2010-IFAT-99)
Kyohei Unno A Study on Video Coding Based on Block-Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Prediction (2011-AVM-72)
Yuki Takahashi Proposal of Wound Person Information Management System using Second Triage at Disaster Scene (2011-GN-78)
suzuki toshiya Fast mapping from Adobe CID space to TrueType GID by UVS info in TrueType font (2010-DD-76)
Sae Fujii Estimation of Positions and Shapes of Buildings using Mobile Nodes (2010-MBL-54)
Ahmed Asaad Probabilistic Methods for Spatio-Temporal Coverage in People-Centric Sensing (2010-MBL-55)
Takahiro Kasama Vulnerability of Malware Sandbox Analysis as an Online Service(Part2) (CSS)
Takahiro Matsuda A Generic Construction of Timed-Release Encryption with Pre-Open Capability and Its Extension with Release-Time Confidentiality (CSS)
Jun-ichi Meguro Vehicle Trajectory Estimation Technique using GPS Doppler and Inertial Sensors (2010-ITS-43)
Sayaka Izukura Evaluation of Performance and Availability based on Model-based System Integration Environment (2010-EVA-33)
Hiroki Ishizuka A Design of a Generating System of Dynamic Street-Based Image Flows utilizing Participatory Sensing Approach (2010-UBI-26)
Akinori Saitoh Education environment using private laptop - A case report from Tottory University of Environmental studies - (2010-IOT-9)
Hiroyuki Ohno HoUZK/JP - A System Management Tool, Special Human Interface Devices and A New Presentation Tool in One Serial to USB HID Converter (2011-IOT-12)
Kohei Ozaki Semi-supervised Word Sense Disambiguation using Degree Bounded Graph Construction (2010-NL-199)
Naoki Fukuta A Preliminary Analysis about Mobile Agent-based Implementation for Semantic Matching Mechanism on P2P Retrieval (2010-ICS-160)
Yasuhiro Mukaigawa Measurement and Modeling of Reflection and Scattering (2010-CVIM-172)
Jun Takamatsu Imaging process and image noise (2010-CVIM-174)
Hiroyuki Nagataki A liberal arts course in computer science - Introduction to CS through video games - (2010-CE-105)
Daisuke Higuchi Development of a Circuitboard designed for making circuits to learn a Computer-Aided Measurement and Control (SSS)
Norio Togiya A System for Referencing Personal Names through Iconography and Sharing an Authoritative Information Source for Personal Names by API (jinmoncom)
Keiichiro Oura Sinsy — An HMM-based singing voice synthesis system which can realize your wish “I want this person to sing my song” (2010-MUS-86)
Mikito Yoshiya BandNavi: Artists Discovery System using Member Change Information (2010-MUS-86)
NEUBIG Graham Learning a Language Model from Continuous Speech using Bayesian Inference (2010-SLP-82)
Masafumi Nishida Speaker Diarization Based on Non-negative Matrix Factorization in Multi-party Conversations (2011-SLP-85)
Akira Ide A Study on Contracts of Life Insurance on the Web (2010-EIP-48)
Yuki Yano Optimizing Conjunctive Features of Game Components (GPWS)
Tetsuaki Baba Development and Investigation of a Video Game Interaction that Offers Termal Sensation to Users (2010-EC-17)
Hisashi Kashima Simultaneous Inference of Multiple Biological Networks (2010-BIO-21)
Kengo Sato RNA Pseudoknot Prediction Based on Maximizing Expected Accuracy (2010-BIO-22)
Takayuki Nagai Deployment result of a lecture capture system using off-the-shelf high-definition camera (2010-CLE-1)