Dates July 15-16, 2005
Place Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, Japan
July 15

[10:00 - 10:15]

[10:15 - 12:15]
Meeting Support

  • 24-A Group Decision Making Support System Based on Kepner-Trigoe Program: Proposals for Improving Decision Making Process
  • 25-Encouragement of Member Contribution in Face-to-face Meetings through Co-editing Minutes
  • 31-Development of an Electronic Conferencing System with Collaboration Processes Replay Function and Annotation Function for Intercultural Collaboration
  • 35-Constructing a Multi-Point Video Conference Corpus Labeled by Participants' Feelings for Developing ``Video Conference Grasper"

[12:15 - 13:45]

[13:45 - 15:15]
Virtual Environment and Cyberspace 1

  • 13-Viaconferencing 3D: Usability Study of a Collaborative Virtual Environment Prototype for CAD Project Reviewing
  • 14-Virtual Human Animations in a Collaborative Environment
  • 17-A Fine-Grained Load Distribution Scheme in Multi-Server-Based Distributed Virtual Environment Systems

[15:30 - 17:00]
Multimedia and Applications

  • 8-A Web-Based Video Editing System that Synchronizes Multiple Video Sources
  • 11-A Method for Accumulation and Presentation of Multimedia Annotations Focused on the Degree of Attention
  • 12-A System for Automatic Replay Creation for Using Sports Relay and EEG

[17:00 - 18:30]
Museum Tour

[18:30 - 20:30]

July 16

Virtual and Augmented Reality

  • 15-Tangible Tabletop Interface for an Expert to Collaborate with Remote Field Workers
  • 26-A Collaborative System for Remote Diagnosis and Maintenance using CSCW and Virtual Reality
  • 27-Scheduling with Pin&Play: Augmented Pushpins as Support for Large-Scale Collaboration
  • 32-A Multilingual Face-to-face Idea Generation Support System on a Lumisight Table

[12:00 - 13:30]

[13:30 - 14:30]
Virtual Environment and Cyberspace 2

  • 19-Dynamic Physical Interaction Platform for Collaborative Virtual Environments
  • 20-Evaluation of Shared Walking Environment with Locomotion Interfaces

[14:45 - 16:15]
Organization, Education and Culture

  • 5-Web-based Collaborative Correction Supporting System for Experiment Report of Engineering Science Students
  • 6-A Group Workflow Modeling System
  • 7-Enabling Technology Culture Fits and Conflicts in the mobile Internet:a vertical technology culture model-based approach towards real world integration applications