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Date Events and conferences Location Note
March 10-11, 2017 The 101th GN group meeting Tamagawa Univ. Info
May 11-12, 2017 The 102th GN group meeting Nihon Univ. Info
June 28 (Wed) - 30 (Fri), 2017 DICOMO2017 Hotel Milione, Hokkaido, Japan info
August 8(Tue)-10(Thu), 2017 CollabTech 2017 University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada info
November 16(Thu)-17(Fri), 2017 GN Workshop 2017 Kaminoyama-Spa, Senkeikaku, Tsukioka-Hotel (Yamagata Pref.) info
January 26(Fri)-27(Sat), 2018 The 103rd GN group meeting Tsushima info
March 5 (Mon)-7 (Wed), 2018 Interaction 2018 NII / Hitotsubashi Hall info
March 19(Mon) - 20(Tue), 2018 The 104th GN group meeting University of Tsukuba (Tsukuba Campus Kasuga Area) info
May 10 (Thu) - 11 (Fri), 2018 The 105th GN group meeting Tsuda University (Sendagaya Campus) info
September 5 (Wed) - 7 (Fri), 2018 CollabTech2018 Costa de Caparica, Portugal info
November 15(Thu)-16(Fri), 2018 GN Workshop 2018 Hotel Sho-Ho (Nagano Pref.) info
Past events and conferences

GN Research Awards

Year Award Winner
2016 Shogo Taniguchi (Wakayama University)
Naoki Katayama (Keio University)
2015 Yoshie Fukuzawa (The University of Electro-Communications)
Satomi Yamamoto (Wakayama University)
2014 Hiroyuki Endo (Keio University)
Masaki Okazaki (Wakayama University)
2013 Takafumi Higashi (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Motoko Kawashima (Wakayama University)
2012 Keiichi Nemoto (Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. )
2011 Satoshi Ichimura (Tokyo University of Technology)
Noriaki Saitou (NTT Secure Platform Laboratories)
2010 Takaya Yuizono (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
2009 Jun Munemori (Wakayama University)
Mai Miyabe (Wakayama University)
2008 Takashi Yoshino (Wakayama University)
Taku Fukushima (Wakayama University)

SIGGN Best Presentation Awards

SIGGN Best Presentation Awards (2006-) (in Japanese)

Groupware and Network Services Workshop

Groupware and Network Services Workshop Awards (2004-) (in Japanese)


CSCW principals Information sharing, Synchronous/asynchronous communication, Organization memory and Knowledge management, Multi-participants Virtual environment (Cyberspace), Groupware interface
Applications Conferencing support system, Cooperative work support system, Mobile groupware, Business process and Workflow, Group decision support system
Networked services Administrative/Social services, Electronic commerce, Community computing, Distance learning services, Information retrieval, Network entertainment, Crowdsourcing, Gamification


How to submit your technical paper or report
Please send the necessary information of yourself in the following submission format to the meeting organizational char. You can get the address of the organizational char, date and location of the meeting, due date of the submission from newsletters. The newsletters are posted to the GN mailing list members. You also get them on the web. Please join the mailing list.

From submitted papers in each GN group meeting, we officially select the best paper and recommend the author to submit it to the Journal of the IPSJ. The paper for our official recommendation should be under the following conditions.
  1. The paper is not in the review process or accepted of the other journals.
  2. The paper can be submitted to the Journal of the IPSJ in three months.
Name of authors(Please check O mark in front of the name of speaker):
Abstract(about 50-100 words):

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Our past activities

The technical reports and papers presented in the past GN group meetings

Committee members

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