○デゥックトゥン タ,奥谷文徳,川原圭博,浅見 徹(東大)
Conductive inkjet printing has reduced a lot of laboring in designing interactive application with electronic circuits. One of the most common application of conductive inkjet printing is to light up a bunch of LEDs. This seems simple and easy enough for novice users. Problems only arise when the number of LEDs increases. With a lot of LEDs, routing is really troublesome and tedious, even seems impossible for many users. Furthermore, due to non-negligible resistance existed in conductive inkjet ink, some LEDs will be very bright while the others will be dark. In this paper, we propose an auto-router as an Adobe Illustrator extension which computationally designs conductive patterns, adjusts its resistance to connect LEDs so that all of them will be lit up at the same brightness. We use Traveling Salesman Problem algorithm to achieve the sub-optimal path through all LEDs, thus reduces the amount of ink needed.

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