A Proposal of method to avoid dangerous routes in emergency cases
○フィリップ ハムウィ,廣井 慧,梶 克彦,河口信夫(名大)
In the recent years, the social networking service (SNS) has become a main source of information in general, and specifically as a news source in the cases of emergencies and natural disasters.
This guidance would be in a form of positioning/routing the rescue operations, and also in giving the most needed or affected areas or people the highest probability in delivering the rescue aids by using information of SNS.
One of the methods to achieve the routing in emergency cases is based on the existing shortest path algorithms, e.g. Dijkstra algorithm.
However, the shortest path algorithms usually do not consider the emergency cases, which could cause the route being inappropriate to use.
Motivated by this fact, we propose a solution to this problem, by eliminating the concerned routes or points. The affected area size could range from small to large, depending on the dangerousness degree of the case based on SNS.
In this paper, we focus on a routing algorithm that eliminates the dangerous routes, and suggests more appropriate route according to dangerous level.

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