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Innovative approaches are presented in teaching software application development to the students who major in management and information sciences in undergraduate schools, and the students who major in information systems in graduate schools. The students should be able to deal with both business model construction and management information system development equal1y well. Selected in our courses is NetBeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) in Java platform for software development with UML (Unified Modeling Language) plugged in for business modeling, in order to make full use of methodology in business modeling and in information system developing.The core of our innovative approach relies on ”visualizing logical thinking” that designs abstraction and complexity. The visual practices and work of building and manipulating business models on such a platform makes the students interested in and feel challenged with software development itself.The curriculum contents and their teaching materials are set forth based on our basic concepts and methodology along with examples of laboratory work in one course of the graduate school and in one course in the undergraduate school.

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