○孔  洋,芳賀博英(同志社大)
The purpose of this study is to express elements in virtual world with logical constraints using objects in real world with physical constraints. To achieve this purpose, this paper presents an English vocabulary game utilizing game engine Unity and programming language c# along with ARtoolkit, a software library for building Augmented Reality (AR) applications. This game, designed for the purpose of education by aiming at helping students memorize English vocabulary and train their brains, is a serious game. Watching the question set by the game program on the screen, which designate alphabets player can use to assemble into a word, the player sorts the boxes with alphabets on it in the real world. Through the camera, the AR program detects the arrangement and position of the markers which are the alphabets on the boxes. Then, the game program judges whether the arrangement is a right English word. This game expresses the game objects in the game program using cardboard boxes in the real world.

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