○Luis Cardona(東工大),齋藤 豪(お茶の水女子大/東工大)
Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR) focuses on how to imitate the principles of abstraction used by artists. This paper proposes a NPR method for line drawings that enables the user to locally stylize view-dependent lines extracted from 3D models. The user can customize style properties such as width, color and texture and trace over the extracted lines to draw strokes. For each stroke drawn, the system stores its location on the underlying surface along with its style properties. We refer to this stylization data as registered strokes. In the rendering phase, a contour matching method based on active contours is used to propagate the style properties and path coordinates in nearby viewpoints. Finally, a comparison with previous stylization methods show that the proposed system achieves an improvement in the expressiveness of line drawings for both static and animated scenes.

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