FIT2016 第15回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2016年9月7日(水)~9日(金) 会場:富山大学キャンパス
Radical Enumerative Thinking and Contradiction of Unity for World View, the Way of Life and the Future of Human Being
Toshio Takahara(所属なし)
I show a way of life of human being, which consists of 1) thinking and act based on 2) world view and 3) technology and institution via which value is realized, are unified and simple. They are based on dynamic values, Radical Enumerative Thinking including zero-basis Principle, Contradiction of Unity which continue to enhance itself unifying “modesty and criticism” and “love and liberty”.
We are confronted with the third revolution to develop new energy and build post-Capitalism by RTE, UC and hypotheses.
We should start this revolution within a few decades or so. Situation urged me to draw a rough blueprint of this revolution of all the people, by all the people and for all the people.
The conclusive rough pictures would be, if any, like this.