FIT2016 第15回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2016年9月7日(水)~9日(金) 会場:富山大学キャンパス
Multi-touch Based Medical Image Visualization and Analysis System
Jian Wang・Xian-Hua Han・Tomoko Tateyama・Yen-Wei Chen(Ritsumeikan Univ.)
With the development of medical imaging devices, the medical image data can be achieved in higher and higher definitions, and then how to analyze and visualize the acquired large-amount and complex data is a desiring demand in medical education and clinical fields. This paper develops a multi-touch based medical image analysis and visualization system for visualizing 3-D medical volumes, exploring detailed structures and segmenting interested organs. The designed system is easy to learn and use, and can be applied to education, doctor-training and clinical sites.