FIT2015第14回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2015年9月15日(火)~17日(木) 会場:愛媛大学城北キャンパス
On-line Divided Diagnosis for High-availability Systems
真矢 讓(日立)
The decrease in availability in mission critical systems has become a serious problem due to open source software and commoditization of hardware. Serious failures such as system-down occur during fault recover processing even in the high-availability systems. To solve this problem, I propose an on-line divided diagnosis. This scheme divides high-availability functions into several sub-functions and diagnoses each sub-function in on-line processing. It acquires the system status at the diagnosis of the sub-function. I show that availability can be improved because the proposed scheme suppresses fault occurrence during fault recovery processing.