FIT2015第14回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2015年9月15日(火)~17日(木) 会場:愛媛大学城北キャンパス
A System Generator for a Distributed Real-Time Operating System with Distributed Shared Memory
Truong Thi Doan・田村宥士・兪 明連・横山孝典(東京都市大)
We present a system generator (SG) for a distributed real-time operating system (DRTOS) with distributed shared memory (DSM). We have already developed a DRTOS with a real-time DSM service to provide an environment in which software modules can exchange data with each other. This DRTOS is an extension to OSEK OS. We extend the OIL (OSEK Implementation Language, a language for a standardized configuration information of OSEK OS) to declare DSM configuration. We also extend the SG to support generating DSM configuration data referring to the extended OIL file.