FIT2015第14回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2015年9月15日(火)~17日(木) 会場:愛媛大学城北キャンパス
A Novel Routing Algorithm based on Path Diversity and Congestion Estimation
洪  揚・曾  濂・蒋  欣・渡邊孝博(早大)
This paper proposes a minimal adaptive routing algorithm for Network-on-Chip, which takes congestion information and routing diversity into consideration. Congestion is one of the most important factors on performance. Our algorithm can select a lower latency path for packet transmission according to the following conditions: (1)the free buffer size of two neighbor routers is compared, (2)the direction which has more different paths to the destination is chosen, (3)it decides which direction the packet more tend to be transmitted by the position of the source and destination. As a result,the algorithm gets the proper direction for the next step. Comparing to other algorithms, our proposed routing algorithm has less latency and better throughput.