FIT2015第14回情報科学技術フォーラム 開催日:2015年9月15日(火)~17日(木) 会場:愛媛大学城北キャンパス
A High Density Escape Routing Method for Staggered-Pin-Array Based Mixed-Pattern Signal Model
徐 倩影・潘 鉄源・張  然・田  楊・渡邊孝博(早大)
Escape routing is a key problem in PCB, and it becomes more and more difficult due to increasing pin count. Most of the previous work paid attention to either differential-pair escape routing or single-signal escape routing but few consider them together. In the previous work, to accommodate the ever-growing pin number of complex PCB designs, the staggered pin array is introduced, and an orthogonal-side wiring style that fully utilizes the routing resource of the staggered pin array is proposed for high density.
In this paper, a linear programming/integer linear programming is used to solve the problem of escape routing of mixed-pattern signals which contains both differential-pair signals and single signals on staggered pin arrays with an orthogonal-side wiring style to ensure the high density.