SAINT2004, Tokyo Japan, January 26-30, 2004

Paper Submission

********************** SUBMISSION CLOSED ************************

Paper submission had been closed. Thank you for your contributing to SAINT2004. Papers are now under review process, and outcomes will be notified to authors at the beginning of September.

********************** DEADLINE EXTENDED ************************

Due to many requests, and to be fair to all, we have decided to extend the submission deadline to 10 July (Thursday), 2003 at 23:59 Samoa Time. However, due to further processing of papers, we strongly suggest that authors register their submission from our submission page as soon as possible. You can revise your paper at anytime until the final deadline.


Paper submission is taken care of by a web-based system, 100%, automatically and electronically. So, please be careful for the deadline of submission. For your safety, time-zone of this submission system is set to the World's latest one, Samore. Only PDF is allowed for submission.

Please note that a paper should be strictly limited within 10 pages, and extra charge will be applied for pages 8 to 10 when accepted for the proceedings.

  - 1 to 7 page : no extra charge

  - 8 to 10 page : 21000 YEN (about $175) per page

  - more than 10 page : rejected

Click this URL to proceed your paper submission. We really appreciate your contributing to the SAINT2004.

SAINT2004 Program Chairs,

  Shinji Shimojo

  Erich Neuhold